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Munich is one of Europe´s leading and fastst growing centers for medicine. High level of patient care, advanced medical technology and continuous cooperation over decades led to high reputation wordwide including eastern Europe, Middle East and Gulf States, Russia and far East. Munich is easily to reach. International airport (MUC) provides direct flights from many destinations around the world making visits of patients and their families more convenient. Of major importance for all visitors are safety and favourable geographic location. Trusting the outstanding expertise, increasing numbers of international patients come to Munich.

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German Health Services focuses on medical diagnostics and therapy as well as screening and prevention of diseases. For comprehensive and coordinated patient care, consultants with outstanding medical training and extensive professional experience offer clinical excellence. All equipment is latest technology and state of the art.

Personal patient care means that team members of German Health Services Dr. Vaterrodt (GHS) are able to get to know each patient and family ensuring individual approach to patient´s needs. More than 25 years of experience in seemless cooperation in Munich / München with homeland´s facilities like hospitals, embassies or consulates and economical independancy assure medical excellence as top priority.

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